Hidden wing of an Entrepreneur

Being an Entrepeneur this pandemic time makes me realize that we have a hidden wing and you must know this.

Well, let us just say that this pandemic times makes us feel like discovering a hidden wing within us. A wing that we never used before. A wing that is hidden and never seen by anyone nor you.

Let me tell you my story. Like a butterfly flying, roaming around the beautiful world suddenly stopped and clipped her wings just because the world says so. made way for a new discovery. A discovery that you were not ready to discover but the world force you to see. As my business stops just like most businesses around the world, new beginning of something happened.

First 3 weeks when the pandemic happens made me and my kids afford to watch netflix everyday, baked some cookies, a lot of quiet and me time! (well, yes because we felt like we just needed some time and this pandemic will end soon!) As an entrepreneur this kind of times are hard to include in our day right?

Then it lasted for 4 weeks, months and so many months more, it was a roller coaster emotional state that was running on my mind. No mentor or coach to turn to. No one can explain and no one can tell when this will end.

A lot of questions was running on my mind. Should I continue my business or should I stop? Is this is a sign for something? Should I just be with my kids and spend time with them? Things are getting tough since expenses are piling up and I have no income generating business at that moment. It’s like a thug of war game!

That time I stopped watching news since I felt like it made me more paralyzed as I hear it since we cannot do something about and no answer from anyone.

Until it lasted for 6 months over now, I have decided and told my myself that this can’t be like this anymore. There I look for other possible income generating where I can do at home. I spent like a whole day watching some videos that will make me learn how to do it.

I never take down notes in my life since I graduated in College. But today made me take down notes and makes me more serious that I need to get out of this situation.

I just can’t let the pandemic stop me from being productive. I still have a GOAL and I can’t let anyone stop me from reaching it. Butterfly can’t just clip her own wings to fly!

One day, I found some ways to earn and enjoy my days at home and never complain of going out anymore since I discovered some ways to earn at home.

I discovered I have other wing to use which is a wing to change your mindset and change your way of thinking and be open for other possibilities!

Now I am so happy and think that maybe this pandemic is just redirecting us to other world that we forgot to look on to as we are so busy to our current things on our plate.

A world in front of you which you ignored for a long time.

I think we have to look at the good things this panemic brings in our lives not only the bad effects. Because during this time, the world actually helping us to discover that we have a hidden wing that we can actually use to survive. And that is the wing of power of mindset.

Now I am here writing in front of you and telling my stories.

Can you relate? Let me know if you also discover your wing during this pandemic.

My name is Mary from Manila, Philippines. Entrepreneur